Download & Print Picklists

A picklist is a document which shows the items that need to be picked from the warehouse to fulfill the sales orders. 

With Cin7 Orderhive, you can seamlessly print picklists with just a few clicks.

Note: It is important to have "popup blocker" for "" allowed. Picklist will be downloaded if the popup blocker is disabled for Cin7 Orderhive.

  • Go to Orders section
  • Open a particular order for which you wish to create a Picklist.
  • Once you are on the Order detail page you’ll see an option to create a Picklist.

  • It’ll take you to the next page to create the picklist.

  • Click on Confirm to create the picklist.
  • You can also click on Save option if you wish to save it as a draft for now.
  • You also have an option to edit the number of products that you wish to include in the Picklist.
  • You can use “-” to remove and “+” to edit the quantity as per your choice.

  • A default template can be set for printing the picklist, by going to Settings > Orders and disable “Ask every time I print or download”
  • You can enable that option if you wish to ask you everytime you wish to print the picklist.


Creating Picklists in Bulk:

  • Select the orders from the To Ship section, it will show the Create Picklist option for the orders for which you are yet to create a Picklist.

  • Click on the Create Picklist button.
  • It’ll take you to the edit page, where you can edit the picklist the way you wish to.
  • You can edit a particular product from the Picklist or you can remove an order or a part of order which you don’t want to be included in the Picklist.

  • Once the Picklist is created, you simply need to click on Picklist.

  • Once you click on the Print Picklist option, it’ll give you an option to select from the list of the created Picklists to print or download.

  • You can print and download Picklists by SKU, Orders and Location.
  • Click on the Picklist option and then select Print or Download option.

  • Select the Print or Download option and it will give you options of SKU, location and order.

  • Once you click on the Done option, you’ll get a notification.
  • You’ll get the option to open the picklist from the bell icon on the top right corner of your page.

Picklist by Location:

A picklist by location will display all the products along with the locations where the products are stored in the warehouse.

Picklist by SKU:

A picklist by SKU will display the list of products which will be sorted by SKU.

Picklist by Order:

A picklist by order will display all the products sorted order wise. It will display all the products ordered in a particular order together.

Note: You can only print picklist for orders that are confirmed. 

Customize Picklists:

Picklists can also be customized according to your specific business requirements. 

  • The custom template is in HTML format in which you can choose the fields that you wish to display on the template. 
  • Any Name can be given to the template for your reference.
  • You can also use the Insert Values fields given on the right, in your template.
  • Custom insert values for entities like Organization, Invoice, Customer, Order, Payment, Shipment are available to be included by just a click on the relevant field at the required place in the template.
  • After drafting the custom template, click on Save.

  • Amongst the created templates, you can star mark a template to set it as default. This will automatically print the Picklist in this particular format. Click on Save after you have made the necessary changes.

  • The custom Picklist template can be edited or deleted at any given point of time.


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