EasyPost Integration

For Shipping Carrier integrations, Cin7 Orderhive now integrates with EasyPost. EasyPost allows you to integrate a wide variety of shipping carriers. Once you integrate your EasyPost account with Cin7 Orderhive, we will sync all the shipping carriers that are integrated with your EasyPost account into Cin7 Orderhive. You can generate labels and perform all the other shipping functions from Cin7 Orderhive hassle-free.

Please note that to integrate EasyPost with Cin7 Orderhive, you’ll need an EasyPost account. You’ll need only one EasyPost account for integrating all the supported shipping carriers. 

To learn more about EasyPost, visit their website https://www.easypost.com/. To sign up for an EasyPost account, go to https://www.easypost.com/signup?utm_source=orderhive. Once you’re signed up and set up with an EasyPost account, you have to integrate EasyPost with Cin7 Orderhive.  

The process for EasyPost integration has been shared below:

  • To start the integration process go to Integration > Search for EasyPost Service and click on it.

  • Once you click on the EasyPost Service integration button, you’ll be presented with steps to integrate EasyPost. Go through the steps and follow them to generate the necessary API keys. 
  • Then click on Next and you’ll be directed to the integration details page.

  • On the details page fill in all the required integration details that you get from EasyPost Service. Once done click on the ‘Test Connection and Sync Carriers’ button to fetch the integrated carrier list from EasyPost.  

  • Once the test is successful, click on Save, and then the EasyPost will be added as an integration.

In case you add new Carriers to your EasyPost account and want to sync them with Cin7 Orderhive then:

  • Go to Integrations > EasyPost Service
  • On the detail page find the option to Save & Sync New Carriers
  • The new carriers will populate on the integrations page and under the carriers list on the detail page as shown below.

After the integration, you can start using Cin7 Orderhive for the shipping process and manage your shipments from Cin7 Orderhive. 

We have made the process easier for you by avoiding the hassle of managing multiple carrier integrations and moving to an all-in-one EasyPost account. You can generate the labels from Cin7 Orderhive using your shipping carriers, please refer to the screenshots below:

To create a new shipment:

  • Select the order and then click on > Ship.
  • After making the required changes on the preceding page select the option  > Next.
  • From amongst the options to create New Shipping Label, Existing Shipment & Deliver Shipment, select New Shipping Label and then select the carrier required, from the ones that were synced in through your EasyPost account into Cin7 Orderhive.

  • You can also check the live rates that various carriers would offer for that particular shipment from Cin7 Orderhive itself while creating the shipment.

  • Once done with the details click on > Done.

  • You can then download and print the shipping labels from your Cin7 Orderhive account for the shipment.


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