eBay Order Management

This article explains about the order and customer details Cin7 Orderhive imports from eBay and what information is updated back to eBay.

Once integrated, Cin7 Orderhive automatically syncs sales orders and customers (fetched from orders).

Cin7 Orderhive imports the below order fields from eBay:

Order No. and order ID

Payment Method


Buyer checkout message (synced as comments in Cin7 Orderhive)


Payment status (if checkout status is complete and no payment failure occurred, then it will be marked as paid in Cin7 Orderhive)

Payment (If we get a Transaction ID for e.g. Paypal transaction id, then payment is automatically created in Cin7 Orderhive and the amount is highlighted in black")

Extra items - shipping insurance cost, shipping service additional cost, import charge

Actual shipping costs (Shipping service, adjustment fees, shipping tax) 

Cin7 Orderhive imports the below customer details from eBay:



Name, Phone

Save buyer user id (if needed by users for reference)

Shipping address (street, state/province, city name, postal name, country)

Company name

Order Status Mapping

For eBay, Cin7 Orderhive receives the below order statuses. This table shows the statuses synced from eBay and to what status they are mapped in Cin7 Orderhive.

Updating Shipment details

Whenever you create a shipment for an eBay order, Cin7 Orderhive will update the below in eBay.


Tracking Number


  • Cin7 Orderhive will import shipment details from eBay for shipped orders. Shipping time (if not captured, sync date will be considered), carrier and tracking number will get updated. 
  • Orders from the last 30 days will get imported in Cin7 Orderhive (updated in last given days).
  • Cin7 Orderhive will only import orders whose checkout status is complete on eBay. 


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