Edit Purchase Order

A purchase order can be edited to make certain changes in the price, quantity, payment terms etc.

There are 3 stages of a Purchase Order:

  1. Draft
  2. Raised
  3. Received(Partial/Full)
  4. Closed

The purchase order can be edited in any all the stages except closed.

To edit the PO:

  • Go to Purchases
  • Click the PO that you wish to edit
  • Then click on More > Edit

  • It can also be done by simply selecting the PO from the listing page and then clicking on More > Edit.

  • After this, a window will pop-up and all the details of the PO could be edited.
  • You can edit the Supplier to whom the Purchase Order is being raised, Warehouse in which the quantities are supposed to be received, the Rate and Quantity of the products added in the Purchase order, and the Tax of the products.
  • You can also Add or Remove products while editing the Purchase order. Notes can also be added or removed.
  • Once all the changes are made, click on Save at the bottom to save these changes.


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