Edit Sales Order

A sales order can be edited to make certain changes in the price, quantity, adding more products, etc.

There are 4 stages of an order - To confirm, To ship, Shipped and Completed.

The sales order can be edited in the first 3 stages only.

To edit any order:

  • Go to Orders.
  • Double click on any Order that you wish to edit.
  • Then click on More > Edit.
  • It can also be done by simply selecting any order from the list and click on More and then Edit.
  • After this, a window will pop-up and all the details of the order could be edited.
  • You can edit the Customer details, the Rate and Quantity of the products added in the order, and the Tax as well as Discounts on the products.
  • You can also Add or Remove products while editing the order. Notes can also be added or removed.
  • If you edit any order that has synced from a channel into Orderhive, Orderhive will only update the edited quantity of the product to the channel and not the additional details that are edited in the order to the channel. 
  • On adding a new product or removing a product from the order, Orderhive will only update the inventory changes that are made in the order to the channel.
  • Once all the changes are made, click on Save at the bottom to save these changes.

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