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Emailing a Purchase Order

This functionality is useful for sending a copy of the purchase order to your supplier so that he/she can be notified for the products that you wish to restock.

  • Go to Purchases
  • Select the PO for which an email has to be sent to the Supplier 
  • Click on More and a select the Email option.
  • Select the template in which you wish to email the Purchase order to your supplier. It is also possible to customize the email templates as per your business requirements. Please refer to the Email Settings article for further understanding.
  • The format in which the PO gets created and is sent to the suppliers can also be customized.
  • Go to Settings Purchase Purchase Order Templates
  • You can create a custom template according to your business requirements or use the ones that are available in Cin7 Orderhive.
  • A particular template can be starred to set it as a default template every time you download, print or email the purchase order.
  • There is an option that says - Ask every time I print or download. Keeping it ON will give you the option to select any one of the available template while emailing PO. Keeping it OFF will keep the selected template as default.
  • As soon as you click on Email PO, depending on the selection made in the above step Cin7 Orderhive will select the format in which the PO is to be emailed. If Ask every time I print or download is ON, Cin7 Orderhive will prompt you to select the template. You can select it and click on Done.
  • To field will have the email address of the supplier pre-filled, to whom you are raising the purchase order. This field can be modified if required at the time of emailing a purchase order.
  • In the CC field, you can enter email addresses to whom you want to put as CC while emailing the purchase order. Multiple email addresses can be entered separated with a comma.
  • The Reply-To field will have the email address that is set in the Customer Correspondence Email in Profile settings.
  • In the Message field, you can type in any message for the supplier. This will be displayed in the email body of the email being sent.
  • Also, an attachment to the purchase order will be sent along with the email to the Supplier in PDF format.
  • Lastly, click on Send to send the email.

Note: A Purchase order can be emailed to the supplier at all stages namely To RaiseAwaiting Receipt, and Completed.

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