Export sales orders

You can export an Excel sheet of all the orders from the Orders page of your Orderhive account, which will give you the details associated with every order.

There are 3 options to export orders in an excel spreadsheet -

  • Go to Orders page.
  • To export all the orders in Orderhive, click on Export, select All Orders & again click on Export. This will export all the orders in the account with all the statuses.
  • For exporting selected orders, first select the orders which are to be exported by clicking once on the orders.
  • Then click on More > Export > select “Selected orders”
  • This will give excel sheet with all the selected orders.
  • There are filters available on the Orders Page like Stores, Tags, Country etc. Orders can be first filtered using these filters and these filtered orders can then be exported.
  • The filtered orders can then be directly exported by clicking on Export > Filtered Orders

Note: If only a few orders are to be exported out of the filtered ones, select the orders and click on More > Export > All Selected Orders.

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