Fedex Integration

Amongst all the shipping carriers that Orderhive Integrates with FedEx is one of them. The integration makes your shipping faster, easier, and more accurate. Once you integrate your FedEx account with us we will bring in all the rates from them which you can further use while creating shipments.

The process for FedEx integration  has been shared below:

Procedure to follow if you are not a USA or CA user -

  • First of all, obtain the test credentials from your Fedex account manager and provide them to our support team.
  • Using those, we will generate a test label which you can give to your Fedex account manager.
  • On the basis of the test label, your Fedex account manager will give you the production credentials.
  • Once those are received, go to Integration > select FedEx > Other.
  • On the details page fill in all the mentioned details.

If you are a USA or CA user then -

  • Go to Integration > select FedEx.
  • Select the required country from the drop-down
  • On the details page fill in all the mentioned details and click on Done.
  • Your Fedex account will be integrated with Orderhive.

Once done, fill in all the required details on the next pages that appears -

When finished click on done.


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