Folders in PO

Purchases in Cin7 Orderhive can be grouped together based on any similarities. These groups are called Folders in Cin7 Orderhive. This option can be found by going into the Purchases module.

  • At the left, you will see a list of the folders created. ALL is the name of the default folder in which a PO falls unless moved to any other specific folder.

  • Apart from the default available ALL folder, you can also add your own folder. These folders can define the countries based on which you wish to segregate POs. Or they can also be used for defining the team members to whom you wish to assign certain POs. 
  • Click on the + icon to add a new folder.

  • Type in the folder name and click on Create.

  • In case you do not wish to organize Purchase Orders in different folders, you can simply click on the Settings >> Purchases >> and turn OFF the toggle.

  • Click on Save after turning it OFF.

In case you wish to organize Purchase Orders in different folders, turn ON the setting and follow the below steps:

  • To move a PO from one folder to another, simply click the order and click on More > Move to and select the destination folder. 
  • You can select multiple purchase orders to move to the same folder at a time.

  • After selecting which folder to move the purchase orders to, click on Move


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