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FTP - Shipment Import Integration

If you are shipping your orders outside Cin7 Orderhive and wish to update the shipment details for the orders automatically at regular intervals, you can ask the suppliers to upload a file with all the details required as per the format used in the sheet itself on the server, and Cin7 Orderhive will import all the details and update in the account automatically.

Integrate your FTP Server to import shipments of orders at regular intervals in Cin7 Orderhive using CSV or XML files.

Below are the steps to set up an FTP integration for Shipment import.

  • Go to Integrate Select FTP from FTP category and go to FTP “Shipment Import”.

  • On the settings page, you need to enter all the details mentioned.

  • Enter Store name. This name will be used to identify this channel across your Cin7 Orderhive account.
  • Enter the HOST IP Address.
  • Now, enter the port number of the FTP server.
  • Enter the username and password of the FTP server.
  • Now, select FTP type.
  • Once done click on Next.

  • Enter the file location where the file needs to be transferred. Also, please make sure read permission is enabled for import functionality and write permission is enabled for export functionality for this remote file location.
  • Now, enter the Filename without extension. If the file type is fixed, only enter the name. If the file type is dynamic, the entire name of the file will be considered as a prefix.
  • Attach the file processing template. Only .csv and .xml are accepted.
  • Choose server time zone and sync time interval. For e.g. You choose 1 hour. Cin7 Orderhive will sync new data every 1 hour.
  • Click on Next.

  • On the next page, you need to map the field value with the field name.
  • If you want to delete any field then you need to click on -.
  • Once the mapping is done then click on Save.

Note: FTP integration is relatively complex and can easily be understood by a technical person. You can get your developer in touch with our support team to set up the integration.


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