Houzz Inventory Management

This article will help you understand what product details that are imported from Houzz and what information is updated back to Houzz from Orderhive.
Once integrated, Orderhive will import all your products and their variants and populate them on the Product page.

Orderhive imports the below product fields from Houzz:


All the products that are listed on Houzz will get populated on the Products page. The inventory is saved under Available stock field in Orderhive. All the products will be part of the default warehouse you selected while integrating your store.

Whenever you change the stock in Orderhive or a new sales order drops on Shopify or on an integrated channel, Orderhive will automatically push new stock levels to Shopify in real-time.

Here’s how you can change the stock in Orderhive manually:

Product Quick Stock Adjustment helps you make fast and smooth changes in the stock as and when required. It allows you to change the stock of products one by one and record the reason for the change as well. This can be done from the Products list page itself. 

Below is the process for quick stock adjustment:

  • Go to Products tab 
  • Click on the On Hand quantity of the product whose stock needs to be updated. The dotted line below the quantity signifies it is an editable field.
  • Enter the new quantity in the New On Hand field and click on update. The reason for stock adjustment can be specified in the Reason field.
  • The updated Available QTY will get pushed to your online store provided Quantity Updates setting for the corresponding store is ON. If it does not kindly turn it ON from Settings > Stores > Click on the corresponding store > Turn ON the toggle button for Push Quantity Updates.

Important Note: Orderhive will automatically manage inventory for products only if you have kept the Push Stock Quantities from the store settings.

You can follow below steps to reach store settings :

  • Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of your screen 
  • Go to Settings →  Stores to open the settings → Shopify Store →Push Stock Quantities, Keeping it ON will push the stock quantities to the Shopify Stores.

Managing Product Prices:
Along with the on hand stock qtys, the retail price can also be changed for a Shopify product. The new price will get updated to Shopify in real-time. Price of a product can be edited from the product page itself.

  • Click on the price icon below the product’s name and a pop-up for price adjustment will open. In case of a product present on multiple stores, prices for all the stores can be updated from the pop-up, click on the respective store’s price from there.
  • From the pop-up enter the new price in the Updated Price field, also records a reason for the price update(if any).
  • Prices for individual pricing tiers can also be updated from the pop-up like Buy Price, Wholesale Price etc. 
  • This will sync the update in the Retail price to the online store as well, provided Price Updates setting for the corresponding store is ON. If it does not kindly turn it ON from Settings > Stores > Click on the corresponding store > Turn ON the toggle button for Push Price Updates.

New Products Sync

After integrating your channel, new products can be synced by using the Sync button on Products page. In a day, you can only sync new products 4 times. 

  • Go to the Products page.
  • On the top, you will see a blue icon next to the search bar.
  • Now, click on the store's name from which you wish to sync new products. Any new products added to your store will now start syncing in Orderhive and get populated on the Products page. 


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