How can I use Tags in Orders?

Tags are useful when you want to mark orders and search information about those orders quickly.

Tags are color coded labels that can be assigned to sales orders. Few examples of order Tags are Backorder, Critical, etc. 

Tags can be added to an order by using different ways.

Here are some examples of it:


From the Orders page.

  • Go to the Orders page.
  • Select the order to which you wish to add the Tag.
  • Click on More option and select Add Tag.

  • The option to add Tag will appear at the bottom of the page. 

  • Once you hit Enter it’ll show the Tag in the order.
  • If the Tag is new then, it’ll give you an option to create a new Tag.

From the Order details page:

  • Open the order on which you wish to apply the Tag.
  • Check for the label like Icon on top of the Order detail page.

  • Click on that and it’ll open a space to type a Tag there.
  • Once you type the Tag, hit enter and it’ll add the Tag.

  • A new Tag can also be added, from the Create New Tag option.
  • Once you select the Tag from the list or opt to create a new Tag, it’ll be added to the order.

Tags can be used to filter out the orders:

  • Click on the Tags filter.
  • Select the appropriate Tags and all the orders that have those Tags assigned to them will be filtered.


Tags can also be added by setting up different automations.


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