How do accounting integrations work with Cin7 Orderhive?

The purpose of Cin7 Orderhive is to centralize all major back-end operations. Right from inventory to accounting, Cin7 Orderhive covers it all.

Cin7 Orderhive integrates with leading accounting softwares that includes Xero and QuickBooks Online. To eliminate manual entries and to keep your accounting data up-to-date, you can make use of these integrations and expedite your business processes. 

Please note that the sync is only one-way: Cin7 Orderhive to Accounting Software

What Cin7 Orderhive sends to QuickBooks Online 

Sales Invoices (Customers, products, product quantity, and price) 

Purchase order (Suppliers, Products)                

Bills (Purchase ID, Expenses)            

Inventory (Quantity, if inventory tracking is enabled) 


What Cin7 Orderhive sends to Xero

Sales Invoices

Products and customers (fetched from invoices)

Inventory (Quantity, if inventory tracking is enabled) 


Note: In case of tracking inventory, customers have to create Purchase/Sales orders in order to increase/decrease quantity in your accounting channel.


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