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How does FTP integration work with Cin7 Orderhive?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network.

With Cin7 Orderhive's FTP integration, you can connect your warehouse's server or any other third-party server to enable easy import and export of data.

If you’re using Cin7 Orderhive, FTP integration is particularly helpful when the channels you use don't integrate with Cin7 Orderhive or APIs are not available to connect two systems/providers. FTP integration also works wonders when you intend to transfer files between your fulfillment center and Cin7 Orderhive. 

Under FTP, Cin7 Orderhive provides the below integrations:

  • Order Export
  • Order Import
  • Inventory Import
  • Inventory Export
  • Shipment Import
  • Shipment Export
  • Shipment Update
  • Shipment Label Export
  • Return Order Acknowledgement
  • Return Order Export
  • Invoice PDF Export
  • Invoice Excel Export 

To use any of the above integrations, go to the Add Integrations page. Under the FTP category, you’ll find these integrations.

You’ll need to provide some server information, the preferred file format (.json, XML, or CSV), and other details. Cin7 Orderhive will start transferring files once you’ve submitted all details.

Note: FTP integration is not very simple and requires some technical know-how. In case you have trouble setting up FTP integrations, our technical team would be glad to help you with the setup. 


Please contact us using the chat bubble in Cin7 Orderhive or on email: support@orderhive.com