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Import Purchase Orders

Cin7 Orderhive provides the ability to import Purchase Orders using an excel file which helps record multiple purchase orders at once. 

  • Go to Purchases
  • Click on Import

  • Clicking on Import will further let you download a sample template for importing. Click on Download a Template.

  • The import template looks like the following. It contains the below details:

    • Purchase Order Number- Allows you to enter any number which distinguishes and identify each purchase order uniquely
    • Purchase Date- Enter the date you wish to set as PO date
    • Order Note-  Allows you to set the order note in case if you wish to specify any extra instructions
    • Supplier Email- Mention the supplier’s email address to whom you are raising the purchase order
    • Warehouse Name- Enter the warehouse in the which the quantity is supposed to be received
    • Payment Term- Indicates the number of days within which the payment will be done
    • Product SKU-  Enter the SKU of the items for which the PO is being created
    • Supplier SKU- Incase you have not assigned the Supplier SKU to the products for which you are raising the purchase order, then you can mention the SSKU in the import sheet which will automatically be assigned to the product in Orderhive.
    • Product Name- Enter the correct name of the product which is present in Orderhive
    • Buy Price- Enter the cost/buy price of the product. This will be saved on the product individually.
    • Qty Ordered- Enter the amount of quantity ordered in the purchase order
    • Tax Percent- Applies the tax percent incase if there is any.
    • Product Item Note-  In order to add any important note on PO.
    • Order Extra Tax- It indicates the extra tax that you wish to add on the whole purchase order
    • Order Extra Discount- It indicates the extra discount that you wish to add on the whole purchase order
    • Shipping Charge- Add the shipping charges if any.
    • Currency- The currency in which you want to send PO to the supplier.
    • Update Incoming Qty On Draft- If you want to update incoming quantity on draft, then write yes, otherwise write no. 
  • Break Bundle Into Components- If you don’t want to break a bundle into components then write yes, if you don’t want to break bundle then write no. 

After filling the required details import the sheet into Cin7 Orderhive.

  • The sheet can be imported by either Dragging & dropping the file or by browsing the file from its location and then attaching it.

  • Click on Import once the file is attached.

  • A Notification will be received in which there will be a log file attached stating the success or failure of the sheet depending on the data entered in the sheet.

  • The success log file looks like below:

  • While the failure log file looks like the following indicating the specific error. For example, supplier not exists.

  • Once the POs have imported successfully, you will receive a success log file.


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