Import Suppliers in Bulk

Cin7 Orderhive provides you the ability to import multiple suppliers in bulk using an excel spreadsheet. Following are the steps to achieve it: 

  • Go to the Suppliers Module
  • Click on the Import option


  • The below screen with the option to download the import template will open.

  • Further upon clicking on the download template option, the import file will be downloaded wherein information of new suppliers is to be added.

  • Fill in all the supplier information in the sheet and save it. 
  • Upload the file into Cin7 Orderhive by either browsing it from your system or dragging and dropping it in the import supplier window open on your screen.
  • Next, click on Import.

  • Once the file is imported successfully, a notification will be received with an option to review the success & errors logs if any.

  • The log file when opened will display the success and error messages


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