Import Tracking Numbers in Bulk

Adding shipment & tracking info and marking orders as shipped is a practice many sellers follow. Orderhive facilitates users to add carrier name & tracking number for multiple shipments from the interface itself. With this, Orderhive also offers to upload shipment carrier information along with the tracking number in bulk with the help of an excel sheet. This will help you create bulk shipments for orders.

  • For adding tracking numbers in bulk, first, orders need to be exported. 
  • Go to Orders
  • Export the orders for which you need to add carrier information and tracking number. You can filter Selected, Filtered or All orders.

  • Now, go to Orders again.
  • Click on Import > Import Existing Tracking Numbers

  • Download the import template, fill the mandatory fields like Channel Order Number, Warehouse Name and optional fields like Courier Name, Tracking Number etc. 
  • You can take the Channel Order Number from the exported orders sheet. Simply copy & paste it in the Import tracking number sheet.


  • There’s a column called Mark As Delivered. If you input Yes in this column, the order will get marked as Delivered. If the field is left blank, the order will be marked as Shipped.
  • Once all the shipment & tracking information is filled in the import sheet, select the store to which the orders belong and the updates will be pushed to that particular store.
  • Upload the import sheet with all the information & click on Import. You can upload the sheet by Dragging & Dropping in the box or by browsing the file from your system.


  • Once the file is imported successfully, the system will notify the same with a log file.

  • This is how the log file will appear


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