International Shipping Settings

Reaching Shipping Settings:

  • Go to Settings > Shipping
  • Scroll down to reach Custom Preferences

For getting started with international shipping, custom settings need to be configured first. The default customs information can be saved from this page.


Custom Declarations:

Create Declaration from Order Items:

  1. Choose this to automatically populate the customs item details that have been saved for the products via the product detail page.
  2. The item details for customs can be saved by navigating to the product detail page.
  3. Please fill out the HSN code & Weight while creating a new product to get them auto-populated while creating an international shipment. It is also possible to edit an existing product and add customs information to it.

Use Pre-defined values: 

  • Select this option to use the default values that have been entered for International Shipping under Settings.
  • However, the same can be changed while shipping an international order before generating a shipment label. Refer the below image to locate the option on the sales order detail page.
  • Go to any To Ship order, click on Ship.

  •  Verify all the details and click on Next.

Custom Preferences options:

Default Content-Type: Please select whether the order comprises of Merchandise, Gift, Returned goods, Documents, Sample etc.

Content Description: It is required to provide the precise information for customs to identify and verify the shapes, physical characteristics, and packaging of each shipment. A good description needs to answer questions like: What is it? How many? What is it made from? and What is its intended use?

Non-Delivery Handling: Please select whether the package needs to be returned to the sender or treated as abandoned in case of non-delivery.

Declarations: Please select if the system should create a declaration from order items or use predefined values.

Sign Declarations As: To automatically sign the customs forms, enter the name of the person who manages shipments in the company

EEL and PFC: When shipping outside the US, you need to provide either an Exemption and Exclusion Legend (EEL) code or a Proof of Filing Citation (PFC) which is based on the value of the goods being shipped.

Save all the details after inputting the desired values.


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