Link Products

Link Product in Orderhive means that you’re linking two or more products together to maintain similar inventory levels.

To centralize your inventory in Orderhive, you need to make sure SKUs for products are similar across all channels. However, some platforms don't have product SKU as a required field. In that case, you can link products after they are synced from your channels to Orderhive. 

Also, SKUs might be different across your selling channels due to reasons like a manual error or uploading a different SKU for identification.

On platforms like eBay where multiple listings have similar SKUs, you can link such products here in Orderhive to maintain a common inventory for all of them.

Note: Linking products only centralizes your inventory and Orderhive will ensure the linked products have same stock levels whenever a new order comes in or you manually change the stock. Other product details are not linked or considered as same. 

Follow the below steps to link products:

  • Go to the Products tab.
  • First, click on the product you want to keep as your base product from the Products Page.
  • If you want to link multiple products, select all the products you want to link.
  • Now, click on the Link button.
  • Search the product you want to Link. 
  • Select that product from the drop-down. Click on Next.

Note: You can select one or more products by searching it with the help of SKU, Product name or Barcode. You can also scan the product’s barcode to search for it.

  • Now, click on Next.
  • It shows the Available and On-Hand quantities in all the associated warehouses for the products you have selected to Link. You can put the new On-Hand in the required warehouse, which would be updated for both the products for the respective warehouses. 
  • You can see the total Available and On-Hand which is the addition of the quantities in all the warehouses.
  • After updating the new On-Hand, click on Update & Link.
  • Refresh the Products Page once. You’ll see that the selected products are grouped together as Linked and show a similar quantity.

The purpose of linking products is to keep stock levels same across multiple channels. So, once you link products in Orderhive:

  • Available Stock of the linked product will now be the same as of the base product and will get updated to your channels. 
  • Whenever a new order comes in or you update stock of either product, Orderhive will automatically sync inventory and keep the stock levels same.

Important Notes:

  • Once the SKU of a linked product gets changed, the same won't get updated to your channel. Only the product that you have changed the SKU for, would reflect the updated SKU on the channel.
  • You can link products synced from the same channel when they have same or different SKU.  
  • Once the products are linked, they will be visible under the Linked Products category.

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