Magento 2.x Integration - Overview

Magento is one of the most preferred webstore for an e-commerce seller. If you are using Magento’s 2.x version, then this article will help you to integrate your Magento store with Orderhive. Orderhive will sync Products, Orders, and Customers in real-time.

Reaching Magento Integration

  1. Click on Integrations 
  2. Click on Webstore
  3. Select Magento 2.x


Magento 2.x integration process can be divided into 2 simple steps.

  1. Install Magento Extension
  2. Create Integration

There is a detailed description available on the integration page for each of the above steps. Please follow the instructions on the Magento Integration page.

After following all the instructions, click on the Next button.

Add the unique store name and store URL.

Automatically archive product in Orderhive when deleted on Magento store: 

If this option is ON (recommended), the product will be automatically archived in Orderhive if they are deleted on the Magento store.

Also, it is important to note that the product gets archived only after Instant Product Sync is done and completed. The automatic archive will not work until and unless instant product sync is not performed.

If this option is OFF, the product will stay in Orderhive even though it is deleted on your store. You might have to manually archive it in Orderhive if you don’t want to see the product.

Warehouses to Fulfill from: 

This shows the list of all the available warehouses whose inventory quantity should reflect on your Magento store. A single warehouse, all or a combination can be selected according to the requirement.

For example, if you turn ON two warehouses, the addition of stock of 2 warehouses will be reflected on the store.

Default Warehouse:

This shows the list of all the available warehouses in the drop-down where you can select one, from which you want to reserve stock by default on receiving an order.

Sync Orders From: 

This helps to select the appropriate date you want to sync orders from your Magento store.

Once you have added all the information then click on Done button. In case if you want to go back then you can click on the back button. To cancel the integration you can click on the Cancel button.

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