Managing Orders Shipped Outside Orderhive

Orderhive supports majority of the shipping carriers to generate shipping labels. Though if you are generating shipping labels outside Orderhive due to whatever reason then it is important to mark those orders as delivered in Orderhive, in order to decrease the outgoing quantity of the products.

Important Note: Before marking orders as delivered make sure that you have kept Send order status update option as OFF for each sales channel from the Integrations page.

Follow the below steps to turn OFF Push Order Status Update:

  • Go to Integrations Page
  • Click on the store to go to the detail page
  • Keep Push Order Status Update button OFF then click on Save button to save the setting.

Now, come back to the order page to mark orders as a delivered. You can do that in bulk as well. Follow the below steps to mark orders as delivered.

  • Go to Orders page
  • Select the orders you want to mark as delivered
  • Click on Ship button
  • Select Deliver Shipment
  • Select Ship from Warehouse
  • Select the Date
  • Click on Done

Once you click on Done, those orders will be marked as delivered and shown under the Completed tab. 

You can also perform this operation using Import Tracking Number Sheet.


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