Managing Stock of Bundled Products

Before creating a bundle, it's important to understand how Cin7 Orderhive calculates and manages the stock of a bundle.

The available stock of a bundle product is calculated by dividing the available stock for each of its individual products/components by the bundle quantity of those components, rounding down to the nearest whole number and then selecting the lowest number.

For example:

There are two simple products in Cin7 Orderhive.

  • iPhone XS with an available stock of 10
  • AirPods with an available stock of 20

Now, let's create a bundle called the iPhone Bundle consisting of these two simple products.



  • Once you've created the bundle, Cin7 Orderhive will calculate its stock with the method mentioned at the beginning of the article.
  • In this case, the available stock of the bundle would be 10.

Managing Inventory of bundle products:

Cin7 Orderhive manages the inventory of simple products under various scenarios. Below are a few of them.

  • When a new order is placed
  • When inventory is manually adjusted

Please note that you can't manage the stock of bundle products directly. You can adjust inventory levels of the components in order to have a new available stock of the bundle.

Let's say, if a new order of this bundle product iPhoneXS Bundle (of Quantity 1) is placed, then the new available stock would be 9 & 18 for the simple products.

If an order is placed for one of the components or you manually adjust inventory, Cin7 Orderhive will automatically increase/decrease the stock of the components and the bundle. 

When changing the stock of iPhoneXS and Airpods to 30, then the new available stock of the bundle would be 15. 


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