Manual MCF

Orderhive offers multi-channel fulfillment services through Amazon. Orders from different online stores or channels other than Amazon can be sent to Amazon for fulfillment using the Multi-Channel Fulfillment feature. You can also send orders automatically to MCF using our automation.

Send Orders to Amazon for Fulfillment Manually

There are two ways to send orders to MCF:

  • From the List page.
  • From the Order detail page
Send Orders to MCF from the list page:
  • Go to Orders tab
  • Select the order
  • Click on Send to MCF

Send to MCF from Order detail page:
  • Go to Order page
  • Go inside the order
  • Click on Send to MCF

Ship From:

If you are managing multiple FBA warehouses, you can change the warehouse from the dropdown to fulfill the selected order.

Ship Quantity:

Ship quantity is the quantity you want Amazon to ship. You can increase or decrease using ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

Create invoice for Selected items:

If a seller wants to send the invoice of the selected items to the integrated accounting channel in the Orderhive, then by enabling that option, Orderhive will create an invoice automatically and send it to the relevant accounting channel

Please click on Send to MCF to move forward for the next step.


Select the appropriate services for your products to ship from Amazon’s warehouse.

Ship On:

Select the date on which you want Amazon to ship your order.

Note for the customer:

Add a note if any, that you want amazon to send along with the shipment to your customers.

Send Email Notification to:

You can select whether Amazon should send a notification email to the Bill to email address or to ship to email address, you can also put any custom email address.

Click on Done to complete the process.

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