Manually Ship Orders in Bulk

You can ship the orders in bulk wherein you can select multiple orders and mark them as Shipped.

  • Go to the Orders tab. 
  • First, approve/confirm the orders. Confirming your orders before shipment is crucial to avoid customer cancellations and maintain a streamlined workflow.
  • Select the required confirmed orders from the To Ship section.
  • Click on Ship.

  • It will redirect you to the shipment page. You can either Create shipping labels in bulk or update Existing Shipment or Deliver Shipment.

Create Shipping labels in Bulk:

It allows you to purchase the shipping label for all the selected orders at once, using the shipping carriers integrated with the Cin7 Orderhive account through Easypost.

  • It by default has New Shipping label selected.
  • Select the preset that you wish to apply for the order.
  • You can use the Copy option besides the preset to copy and apply the preset to all selected orders.

  • Once the preset gets applied on all the orders and the required details are filled you can proceed and hit Done.

Existing Shipment:

This option helps you to keep a track of the parcel already sent through the shipment courier or 3PL. Cin7 Orderhive gives an elaborated list of all the popular Shipping Couriers across the globe.

  • Click on Existing Shipment.
  • It shows you the Shipping Date.
  • Select the desired Courier from the drop-down. Cin7 Orderhive by default gives a variety of options when choosing carriers. The drop down consists of almost all popular carriers across the globe. You can also add a custom Shipping method here if required. Click Add Shipping Method.

  • It redirects you to Shipment page where you can Name your custom Shipping method.
  • Click on Save.
  • You’ll be able to see this shipping method in the dropdown of the list of carriers while shipping.

  • Enter the Tracking Number provided from the courier end.
  • Choose the Ship From warehouse, i.e the warehouse you want to ship your orders from.
  • Select the service that was selected and the shipping cost in the respective currency.
  • Lastly, click on Done.

  • Doing this will move the order from To Ship to Shipped on the main Orders page.
  • These shipment details along with the tracking number would be pushed on your store end for the respective orders.

Deliver Shipment:

It helps you to directly deliver the shipment and mark the orders as completed. Usually, in cases like Shipment handover manually to the concerned person, this option comes into use.

  • You can choose the Ship From warehouse i.e the warehouse you want to complete this order from.
  • You can remove the records of the orders to be shipped by clicking on the - button.
  • Lastly, click on Done.


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