Map Products

Map products, auto-map products

Cin7 Orderhive provides the functionality to map SKUs within the system in order to manage unified inventory for those products.

If you are selling the same product with different SKUs on the same or a different channel, you can now merge them together with the help of Map functionality.

  • Go to Products > Select the products that you want to Map together

  • Click on Map after selecting the SKUs.


  • Mapping 2 or more products together will make it one product with the same stock in the same warehouse. Stock in different warehouses will be added.
  • The product with the star will be the main product seen in Cin7 Orderhive’s interface.
  • Only the main product will be searchable in Cin7 Orderhive.
  • You will lose the inventory log of the secondary products.
  • All unshipped orders with secondary products will be replaced by the main product.
  • Report data will not be affected.

  • The products will now be mapped after following the above-mentioned steps. You’ll be able to see that the product which was star marked will be the main product. When you go into the products detail page in the store listing section, you will be able to see the SKUs which have been mapped together. The stock of the main product will now be pushed to all the other channels based on the warehouses.
  • The Orders won’t be affected by the mapped product. The Reports will also work as usual. There won’t be any changes made to that.

  • If you are maintaining duplicate SKUs on the channel and you want those to be auto-mapped, meaning you do not wish to manually map every product individually to maintain the same inventory - enable the toggle when you are integrating the channel. All the SKU’s which are duplicated on the same channel will be merged under a single SKU in Cin7 Orderhive. Though in this case, you won’t be able to select the default SKU, it will be automatically selected by Cin7 Orderhive.

For example:

Suppose a seller sells on the Shopify channel. He maintains duplicate SKUs just to increase the reach to the customers. The duplicate SKUs are ABC and ABC. It has been listed 2 times on the channel.

When the syncing starts, the first product that is synced in Cin7 Orderhive will be the parent product and the other one will be Automatically mapped under it. The stock of the parent product will be pushed on the channels.


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