Multi Piece Shipment

Shipments with multiple packages sent to the same destination can be grouped together in a multi-piece shipment to save money. Multi-piece Shipments on Cin7 Orderhive are only supported by USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and Purolator (Express package only) at the moment.

To create a multi-piece shipment:-

  • Go to the Orders page
  • Select any particular order from the To Ship status and click on Ship.

  • Select the number of quantities for which the shipment is supposed to be made and click on Next if you want to proceed directly or on Scan & Verify if you wish to scan and verify the products before creating the shipment.

  • Select the Shipping Carrier using which shipment is supposed to be fulfilled.
  • Once the carrier is selected, the option for adding multiple packages will be visible, click on Add more Packages to add a new package.


  • After adding the appropriate number of packages, select the shipping details like Package, Weight, Insured Value for each package and Signature, Ship on date and Service for the master package in order to see the rates for the shipments. 

  • After checking the rates click on Done to proceed and the shipping label will be created and the corresponding amount will be deducted from your shipping carrier’s account.
  • The labels for multiple packages will print the same way they do for any other shipment, only there'll be more of them. Each and every individual package will have its own tracking number and shipment label, but there will be a master tracking number that will track the combination of packages. The master tracking number is the one that will be sent to the integrated channel.


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