My Profile Settings

Profile page helps you to manage your personal details and other settings for your account like timezone, weight unit, length unit, and default date format which are a prerequisite to using Cin7 Orderhive.

Default Currency can only be set once and can not be changed under any conditions, so please set the default currency precisely.

  1. A profile picture can be uploaded by clicking on the Upload Avatar button and can be changed/removed whenever not needed. Try to keep a photo in squarer resolution, i.e. 512 x 512 px, 128 x 128 px etc. Image size should be less than 1 MB.
  2. You can add your full name in the Name field.
  3. You cannot change the account email address due to security reasons.
    If you are an account owner and need to change your email address, please drop an email at and mention the following details: (1) Current Admin Email, (2) New Admin Email, (3) Reason for change.
    If you are a sub-user, contact the account owner to invite you to the new email address and deactivate & remove the older one.
  4. You can add a Customer Correspondence Address. Your customers will reply to that email address for emails sent from Cin7 Orderhive. (Please note that Cin7 Orderhive doesn’t send any emails to your customers unless it’s manually sent or it’s triggered via automation that you set.)
  5. You can change the login password by clicking the Change button on the Password field. 
  6. Selecting your Time Zone and Date Format enables you to convert all the timestamps shown in the Cin7 Orderhive into your preferred time zone and date format.
  7. Default Currency will vary from business to business. It is visible on inventory pricing and in orders. Once set, you will not be able to change the default currency of the account. 
  8. Default Weight and Default Length Unit is a setting for the products. Selected weight and length units will be preselected when you try to edit the products.
  9. Once everything is set to your preference, click on the Save button, and changes will be replicated in your account.


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