Orders Settings

In order settings, you can configure backorders, order numbering format, taxes, discounts etc. 

You can follow below steps to reach order settings :

  • Go to Settings on the top right hand side of your screen 
  • Go to Settings > Orders

Allow Backorders:

Backorder OFF will not allow you to create order in Cin7 Orderhive with the product having less stock than you are ordering.

Backorder ON allows you to take orders for out of stock products

Note : Keeping backorders ON can make your stock negative.

Include tax in Item rates:

It is an option to keep the tax as extra or include in line items on order. 

Keeping it ON will include tax in your line item rate while creating order. 

Keeping it OFF will add a tax on your line item.

You get the ability to change this option per order too. So you can set what you use maximum for your business and products.

Calculate Tax on Discounted Price:

It is an option to calculate a discount after tax is calculated or before tax is calculated.

Keeping it ON will calculate tax on after the discount deducted from line item rate.

Keeping it OFF will calculate tax on the rate before the discount is applied.

Show 'To invoice' Labels for Non-invoiced Order:

This option helps in showing if the order is not invoiced, then it will show To Invoice on top of that order.
Keeping it ON will show To Invoice after the order is created and if the invoice has not been created. 

Keeping it OFF will not show To Invoice on top of the order even if the invoice is not created.

Organize orders by using folders:

This option helps in showing orders by folders.

Keeping it ON will bifurcate orders and will show orders in specific folders.

Keeping it OFF will not show orders in folders.

Allow orders to be Partially Shipped

This option helps in shipping an order partially

Keeping it ON will allow the user to ship the order partially.

Keeping it OFF will not allow it to ship partially and therefore the user has to ship the whole order. 

Order Numbering:

You can customize the order number for orders created in Cin7 Orderhive by adding prefix and suffix to it.

Cin7 Orderhive doesn't allow modifying the entire Order Number, however, you can add a prefix and suffix and create your custom format. You can save prefix and suffix for sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices separately.

Note: It will be applicable to new orders if you set up this after creating a few orders. This change will not affect or change the order number in past orders.

Order Templates:

Order template is a format for printing or downloading order PDF from Cin7 Orderhive.

We have 3 standard formats from which you can suitable for your business. You can even request a custom template to enhance your branding. 

You can also select a template at the time of downloading or printing order if you turn ON option Ask everytime I print or download

Tags for Orders:

It is a list of tags that you have applied to orders. You can manage tags here.

  1. You can change the color of the tag by clicking on a color dot.
  2. You can edit the name of the tag. It will change on all orders too.
  3. You can delete tags. It will be removed from all orders too


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