Organization Settings

Reaching Organization Settings:

You can follow the below steps to reach the Organization Settings:

  • Go to Settings on the right-hand top corner of your screen
  • Go to Organization settings

Adding Company Information:

Clicking on Profile helps to add company info like Logo (which will essentially print on any documents like order/PO/invoices that you generate from Cin7 Orderhive), Contact No., Address, Website, Tax ID, and Fiscal Year.

Once information is added, click on Save.

Note: It is recommended to add a high-definition logo file to make it look crystal clear in the documents.

Export Cin7 Orderhive Data:

Using this you can export your organization's data like Inventory, Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Purchases, Customers, etc. Just select the check-boxes of the data that needs to be exported and you will get an excel file with all the selected data via notification and by email.



Reset Account and Delete Account:

This option will allow you to either reset or delete your Cin7 Orderhive account. 

Reset Account

  • This will allow you to completely start fresh by resetting the account which will clear all the data from the account and you can then start from scratch.

Delete Account

This will allow you to clear the data within Cin7 Orderhive and delete the account, which will then be inaccessible using the same credentials. Please proceed with caution as once the account is deleted, the data will not be recoverable in any condition.  


Inviting sub-users for your Cin7 Orderhive account can be done by clicking on the + on the right, which would basically send an email to the user to create a sub-user account.

Enter the Name, Email, and Department of the Sub-User; and enable/disable the toggles for their Cin7 Orderhive module access, according to their role. Once done, hit Save

After this, an invitation email will be sent to the user who can then create a sub-user account with his/her email ID being the login ID and a password.

In case the user does not receive the email or deletes it by mistake, you can resend the invitation to the user to create the account.

A sub-user can be stopped from accessing the Cin7 Orderhive account by clicking on the Active toggle. The toggle will turn to Inactive and then the user can no longer access Cin7 Orderhive. After making the sub-user inactive, you can also delete them by clicking on the Delete button. 

An inactive user can be deleted by clicking on that user which will open the following window and then click on the Delete button.


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