Overview - Automations

Orderhive Automation lets you automate many tasks of your day to day operations. Orderhive has a wide range of automations available within the system which can help you avoid manual tasks and save time, leading to efficient processes within an organization. 

  • Go to Automations

Create a New Automation

  • In Order to create a new automation, click on New Automation button.
  • Give a suitable name
  • Select the Trigger

There are two types of automation available in Orderhive - Inbuilt Trigger and Custom Trigger.

  • Inbuilt trigger will automatically run as soon as the event occurs and conditions are met.
  • Custom Trigger will run at a specific time interval for the selected module.

To specify the time interval for the custom event, please follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Custom Trigger button on the Automations page. 
  • To add a new custom trigger click on Add Custom Trigger
  • Add a name which you can easily remember. We recommend keeping the name which involves the action of the automation.
  • Select the time interval at which you want automation to run. 
  • Select the module for which you want to run this automation. Currently it works only for Order module.
  • After entering all these details, Click on Create.

Once the custom trigger is created, custom automation for that module will run at the selected interval.

  • After selecting between Inbuilt Trigger or Custom Trigger, move ahead to select the conditions.
  • Create an Event - you can create an event by selecting the combination of trigger and value to create an event based on which the action will be taken automatically.
  • Add Condition - you can create a variety of conditions and when those conditions occur, selected action will be performed automatically.
  • Add Actions - Orderhive has a wide range of actions available which will be performed as the conditions of the automations are met.
  • Once you select Event, Condition, and Action, click on Save to save the automation. You can also keep multiple conditions and actions.
  • You can check automation logs by clicking on Automation Action Logs.
  • It will give you Success/Error Logs based on the automation performed for that particular order. You can filter the logs by date, type and action.

Lets take a sample use case to understand automations better:

Use case: Set automation to add a tag of Payment Pending when order is unpaid.

  • Give Suitable Name - Specify the name for automation which you are going to create. For this automation, we will keep Add a Tag for Unpaid Orders.
  • Select Automation - If you want automation to run as soon as the conditions are met then select Inbuilt triggers. If you want automation to run at specific time interval then select the Custom trigger.
  • Select the Event - Create an event by selecting triggers and value, here the trigger would be When an Order and value would be is Created.
  • Add Condition - In the condition section, you can select whether all conditions should be met or any of them. For this use case, we will keep All. 
  • Add Payment Status condition - From the dropdown list of conditions, select payment status - is - Not Paid. 
  • Add action - For this use case, we will add a tag of payment pending if any unpaid order is present in the Orderhive.
  • Click on Save Button to save the automation.

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