Partially ship an order

With Orderhive it is possible to partially ship an order and process them later. Partial shipments are usually created in certain situations wherein users need to create multiple shipments for different items in a single order. Partial shipment can also be considered in a case wherein users wish to select different warehouses for shipping different items within the same order.

The process of partially shipping an order is similar to that of shipping an order.

  • Go to the Orders tab.
  • Double click on an order to open it.
  • Click on Ship and then click on Next to ship and adjust the actual quantity that needs to be shipped.
  • Once the quantities have been selected click on Next.
  • Create the shipment label with the adjusted quantity and the remaining quantities will still be displayed under To Ship tab with the Partially Shipped label.
  • For shipping only certain items, the items that are to be shipped later can be adjusted to 0.
  • Upon clicking on Next, three options would be available on the screen.
  1. New Shipping Label: For generating shipping labels with integrated carrier accounts
  2. Existing Shipment: For marking the order as shipped and adding Carrier name & Tracking no
  3. Deliver Shipment: For marking the order directly as delivered
  • Once an order is partially shipped, the remaining items and the shipped items with shipment details will be displayed under To Ship tab.
  • For changing the warehouse while shipping the remaining items in a partially shipped order, the warehouse can be changed after clicking on Next.

Note: Once you partially ship an order, the status will get changed to Partially Shipped. On fulfilling the entire order, the status will then get marked to Shipped.

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