PrestaShop Integration - Overview

PrestaShop is a free shopping cart platform that helps small to large businesses build and run a successful online store. Although, PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce platform, most of the software in the market doesn’t offer integration with PrestaShop. Orderhive is one of the very few softwares in the market that provides an integration with PrestaShop.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations
  • Click on Add New integration > PrestaShop
  • In order to integrate PrestaShop store with Orderhive, download the Orderhive API module and install it in your PrestaShop store. The Orderhive API module can be found under PrestaShop integration details page.
  • Login to PrestaShop backoffice account
  • Go to Modules tab and click on Modules & Services
  • Click on Upload a Module
  • Click on the link Select file , upload the Orderhive API zip file and wait until the file is uploaded successfully
  • Go to Webservice settings under Advanced Parameters tab
  • Now, click YES to Enable PrestaShop's webservice and then click on Save
  • Click on Add new webservice key
  • Click on Generate, check all the checkboxes and click on the Save button
  • Copy the newly generated Key
  • Go to Permissions section wherein the below three resources are mandatory to select. You can also select/deselect the other options according to your requirements.
  • Now head back to Orderhive account
  • Enter the following details:
  1. Store name: Kindly mention PrestaShop store name in Orderhive. It will be used to identify the PrestaShop store across the Orderhive account
  2. Store URL: Enter the PrestaShop store URL, make sure it is in this format:
  3. Pass Key: Enter the webservice key which was generated from the PrestaShop account
  4. Warehouses to Fulfill From: Select the warehouses whose stock needs to be displayed on PrestaShop store
  5. Default Warehouse: Warehouse from which stock will be reserved by default when an order syncs from PrestaShop store
  6. Sync Orders from date
  • Lastly click on Done

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