Pricing Tiers

Pricing tier is a feature which allows you to set multiple price points on the product to cater to different types of customers. Orderhive account offers three default pricing tiers - Buy, Wholesale, and Retail.

Reaching Pricing Tier Settings:

Follow below steps to reach pricing tiers settings:

  1. Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of your screen 
  2. Go to Settings →  Products → Pricing Tier to open the settings.

Note: Orderhive will only sync changes made to retail price to your channel.

Adding a Pricing Tier:

Clicking on the “+” icon will allow adding a new pricing tier. Further, they can be edited/deleted provided from the respective options.

For example, to offer special discounted pricing to some customers, new pricing tier in Orderhive can be added as “Discounted Price”. 

Assigning Pricing Tier to Customer:
A specific pricing tier can be assigned to a particular customer so that as and when a new order is created for that customer, the pricing tier would automatically get applied. 

To assign a pricing tier to the customer, go to Customers > Double Click on a particular Customer > Click on Edit Button > Select appropriate pricing tier.

Assigning Pricing Tier to a product:
To assign a specific rate for a pricing tier, go to “Products” > “Double click on a particular product” > “Click on Edit Button”

Assigning Pricing Tier on Sales Order Creation:
Further while creating an order, type in the required Customer’s name and the price would be auto-populated according to the assigned pricing tier.

Go to Orders → Click on New Order

Note :- Price of the assigned pricing tier would only be shown if the corresponding product is assigned a price for that particular pricing tier.

In case there a need to change the pricing tier, it can be done from the available dropdown.

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