Print Custom Form(Commercial Invoice) for International Shipments

In the case of international orders, there is a certain set of information required for processing the shipment of the order like HSN, weight, unit, etc. These details can be added to the products individually or in bulk.

This information is further required while generating custom forms. This form is used to declare the contents of your package in order to pass through the corresponding Customs Agencies that control the flow of goods in and out of each country. Once you’ve created a shipment, you can download/print Customs Form from the Shipments page.

  • Go to Shipments
  • On the Shipments page select any particular international shipment by double-clicking it and then clicking on the Customs Form button.

  • You can also bulk select shipments to create their customs forms. Simply select multiple shipments at a time and click on the Customs Form button.

  • As soon as you click on the Customs Form button, a custom form like the below will be generated.

Note: Custom Form can be generated only for those orders whose shipment labels have been created in Cin7 Orderhive using any shipping carrier.


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