Product Level Threshold

Threshold quantity level is the minimum amount of inventory required to keep on hand to fulfill orders smoothly. In Cin7 Orderhive, you can assign a global level threshold to all the products or specific threshold value individually for certain products.

This is how you can assign Product level threshold in Cin7 Orderhive -

  • Go to Products on the left-hand side bottom of the screen 
  • Select a product to which an individual threshold needs to be set.

  • Click on the product to which individual threshold needs to be assigned. 
  • Click on the Edit button from the down action bar, this will direct you to the products detail page.

For example if you set the value as 8 here,

As and when the stock level for the product goes below 8, the yellow box will indicate the low stock status.

Note: Product level Threshold can be added while creating or editing a new product in Cin7 Orderhive. If any specified threshold value is not added for the product, Cin7 Orderhive will consider the threshold value that has been set for all the products from the Products settings page.

Priority will always be given to the Product level Threshold and then to the global threshold value attached to the products.

Update Product threshold in Bulk:

Updating Product threshold in Bulk is a quick and easy function which allows you to update a number of product details at once instead of going through them one by one. 

  • Enter all relevant details in the excel sheet.

  • Upload the excel file and tick mark the check box for Threshold.

  • Lastly, upload the file and click on Import.

To know more on updating products in bulk, please refer the Update Products in Bulk via Excel

In case you want to see a list of all the Low Stock products, simply go to Inbox and click on the Low Stock number.


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