Product Settings

Follow the below steps to reach product settings: 

Click on Settings > Products

This page helps you to add or edit all the details regarding your products. Some extra features that provide you with an added advantage while handling inventories are included here.

Here’s the list of all the available options when you navigate to Products Settings: 

Show store name on products in listing:

If enabled, on the Products module, when the user hovers over the mouse cursor on the store logo in the Store column, it’ll show the store name from where the product is synced from.

If the option is disabled, it’ll not show the store name when the user hovers over the mouse cursor on the store logo. 


Organize products by using folders: 

If this option is enabled, it’ll show the Folders pane on the left-hand side of the Products page. It’ll allow you to categorize your products using folders. 

If it’s disabled, the Folders pane will be hidden. 

Show Compare At Price on product details (Only for Shopify):

If this option is enabled, when you open any product that has been synced from Shopify, it’ll show Compare At Price for that product of that particular Shopify store. Compare At Prices can be seen in the Store Listing section when you open the product. 

View Archived Products:

If you click on View Archived Products, it’ll redirect you to the list of archived products in your Cin7 Orderhive account. 

Once a product is deleted from a store, when you do Instant Product Sync in Cin7 Orderhive, the deleted product will be moved to the Archived Products list.

A product can also be archived manually from the Products page.

These products can be unarchived or can be permanently deleted if needed.


Using the Batches option on Product settings, the user can create Batches for the products, which they can assign while adding/receiving the stock for the products. You can add batches manually, or using the Import function. 

To learn more about how Batches can be assigned to the products for superior product stock management, refer to the following article: Add & Manage Location, Batch and Cost based tracking for products 

Stock Update Reasons:
With this option, you can add reasons for your manual stock adjustments through Quick Stock Adjustments. The options added here will be available for selection on the stock adjustment menu.  

Pricing Tiers:

A Pricing Tier is a feature that allows setting multiple price points for the same product to cater to different types of customers. 

Cin7 Orderhive offers three default pricing tiers - Buy, Wholesale, and Retail. All the pricing tiers will be displayed in the base currency selected for a particular account. 

Additional pricing tiers can also be added according to the requirements.

Click on the + icon on the products setting page to Add Pricing Tier. Once the details are added click on Add.

For example, if you want to offer discounted pricing to some customers, you can add a new pricing tier in Cin7 Orderhive and select it in a customer profile. After that, whenever you create a new order for those customers, that same pricing tier will get applied automatically. 

Product Label Templates:
Product Label Templates lets you create barcode label templates. You can use the default templates or create your own templates using the Create Product Label Template button. The template will be created in HTML format. 

Picking/Shipping Selection Priorities:

Using these settings, the users can prioritize how their shipping team will be shipping out the packages. Whether the batch detail of the product needs to be prioritized or location or cost details need to be prioritized. 

To understand the usage of the shipping selection priorities, please refer to the following article on how to process orders with Location/Batch/Quantity: Ship Orders & Process Returns with Location, Batch and Cost 


While adding a product, it is also possible to add what category it belongs to. This can be done by adding a custom category in Product settings.

Click on the + icon to add a new category. Please enter the Category name and Description, once done, click on Add button.

You can also edit the existing categories and delete them if needed. 


Tags section on Products settings will allow you to manage the product tags. A tag will help flag or record a specific detail about particular products, orders or purchases. Tags can also be filtered from the individual pages once added.

You can modify the tag colors (by clicking on tag color), edit the tag name and delete the tags if they are no longer required. 


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