Product Settings

Reaching Product Settings:

Follow below steps to reach product settings :

  1. Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of the screen 
  2. Click on Settings → Products to open the settings.

This page helps you to add or edit all the details regarding your Inventory. Some extra features that provide you an added advantage while handling inventories are included here. 

Here’s the list of all the available options when you navigate to Products Settings.


  1. The threshold quantity, also called the stock-out threshold, is the minimum count of an item you keep on hand. When inventory levels fall below the threshold quantity, you reorder stock to replenish your items on hand. The inventory below the threshold level is termed as "Low stock" in Orderhive.

All the products that go below the threshold number can be seen in the list of Low Stock products in the Inbox section.

For example, if you set the value as 10 here, as and when the stock level for the product goes below 10, the yellow box will indicate the low stock status. 

Store Name:

This setting will give an option to display the name and symbol of the stores that the product has synced from.

Keeping it ON will display the name, symbol, and price of the store on the products. 

Keeping it OFF will not display the name, symbol, and price of the store on the products.

Pricing Tiers:

Pricing tier is a feature which allows setting multiple price points for the same product to cater to different types of customers. 

Orderhive offers three default pricing tiers - Buy, Wholesale, and Retail. All the pricing tiers will be displayed in the base currency selected for a particular account. 

More Pricing tiers can also be added according to the requirements.

Click on “+” icon on the products setting page to Add Pricing Tier and once added the settings needs to be saved.

For example, you want to offer discounted pricing to some customers, you can add a new pricing tier in Orderhive and select it in a customer profile. After that, whenever you create a new order for those customers, the pricing tier would automatically get applied. 


While adding a product, it is also possible to add what category does it belong to. This can be done by adding a custom category.

Click on “+” icon to “Add Category”. Please enter the Category Name and Description, once added the settings need to be saved.

Click on Add and the category will be added to the list. Now, while you add a new product you can choose from the already existing categories. For e.g. Beauty Products, Clothing, Accessories, etc.


Tags can be added to Products, Orders, and Purchases. 

A tag will help flag or record a specific detail about particular products, orders or purchases. Tags can also be filtered from the individual pages once added.

Editing or deleting the tags can be done from the Products settings page. Once the changes are made the settings need to be saved.

View Archived Products:

This will redirect to the Archive products page. 

Once a product is deleted from a store, on doing Instant Product Sync in Orderhive, the deleted product will be moved to the Archived Products list.

A product can also be archived manually from the Products page.

These products can be unarchived or can be permanently deleted if needed.

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