Quick Stock & Price Adjustment

Quick stock adjustment:

There are multiple ways to update/change the stock manually in Orderhive. Quick stock adjustment in Orderhive helps you make fast and smooth changes in the stock as and when required. It allows you to change the stock of products one by one and record the reason for the change as well. This can be done from Products list page itself. Below is the process for quick stock adjustment:

  • Go to Products tab 
  • Click on the On Hand quantity of the product whose stock needs to be updated. The dotted line below the quantity signifies it is an editable field.
  • Enter the new quantity in the New On Hand field and click on update. The reason for stock adjustment can be specified in the Reason field. 
  • Quick stock adjustment can also be done by opening the detail page of a particular product.

Note: On Hand quantity is the actual quantity available in the warehouse. The user can enter the On Hand quantity and the Available quantity will be calculated based on the Outgoing quantity.

  • The Reason entered while making a stock adjustment can be seen in the Inventory logs of that particular product. It helps you identify by whom the stock adjustment was made and the reason for the same.

Quick Price Adjustment:

Orderhive allows updating prices for products directly, which eventually updates the prices on online stores as well. Quick price adjustment will help in making this fast and smooth as and when required. 

Pop-up for quick price adjustment can be opened in two ways:

  • Directly by clicking on store's price icon available on product.
  • Selecting store's price as the field for any of the three rightmost customizable columns. 

Clicking on either of them will open the pop-up for price adjustment:

  • Click on the price icon below the product’s name and a pop-up for price adjustment will open. In case of a product present on multiple stores, prices for all the stores can be updated from the pop-up, click on the respective store’s price from there.
  • Alternatively, you can set the price of corresponding store in any one of the customizable columns. Prices of different stores can also be set in multiple customizable columns.
  • After this, clicking on the price from the column would open pop-up for price adjustment.
  • From the pop-up enter the new price in the Updated Price field, also record a reason for the price update(if any).
  • Prices for individual pricing tiers can also be updated from the pop-up like Buy Price, Wholesale Price etc. 
  • This will sync the update in the price to the online store as well, provided Price Updates setting for the corresponding store is ON. If it does not kindly turn it ON from Settings > Stores > Click on the corresponding store > Turn ON the toggle button for Push Price Updates.
  • The price update logs can be seen along with the reason by opening the product detail page.

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