Receive Stock against a Purchase Order

In Orderhive, there are 2 ways for receiving the stock of a Purchase order: 

  • Receive Stock manually 
  • Receive stock by scanning barcodes

Both are discussed below:

  • Once a Purchase order is created and raised to the supplier, it will show up in the AWAITING RECEIPT stage. 
  • To receive the order manually, double click the order and hit the Receive at the bottom or just select the order and then hit the Receive button.
  • This will open up a window with all the details of the PO. Enter the quantities that are supposed to be received, from this page. Once completed, hit the Done button at the Bottom.
  • In case you do not wish to receive all the quantities raised at one go, you can partially receive the PO as well. To partially receive the PO you need to enter any quantity less than the total raised quantity.
  • If the PO is partially received a label of Partially Received will appear on the PO.

Another way to receive the quantities is through scanning the Barcodes of the products. 

  • Select the PO and then click on Receive > Receive by Scanning. 
  • This will open up the window with all the details of the PO. After this, you can start scanning the barcode of the products one by one and the quantities will start incrementing. Once it is done, hit the Done button at the bottom. 
  • Orderhive also provides a feature to generate the barcode labels of the products present in the purchase order so that it becomes easy to scan the physical barcode while receiving the products in the Purchase order.

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