Resolve Duplicate SKUs

There are times when while giving the SKU to a product, we use the same SKU to list multiple products or we give the same SKU to multiple products by mistake.

To handle such cases, Cin7 Orderhive allows syncing/mapping of duplicate SKUs from the channel/store which can then be resolved from within Cin7 Orderhive. SKU change from Cin7 Orderhive will update on the respective channels, if the channels permits so. Cin7 Orderhive always recommends resolving the duplicate SKUs before starting with inventory management.

Here’s how you can turn on the Automap Duplicate SKU’s option so that all the duplicate SKU’s from the same/different channels will be mapped together.

  • To go integrate and open the specific channel.

  • Turn on “Automate Duplicate SKUs” and click on Save.

  • Once you turn on Automap duplicate SKUs then the same SKU’s will be automatically mapped together and you can see them under store listing when you open the product.


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