Resolve Duplicate SKUs

There are times when while giving the SKU to a product, we use the same SKU to list multiple products or we give the same SKU to multiple products by mistake.

To handle such cases, Orderhive allows syncing of duplicate SKUs from the channel/store which can then be resolved from within Orderhive. SKU change from Orderhive will Update on the respective channels, if the channels permits so. Orderhive always recommends resolving the duplicate SKUs before starting with inventory management.

Let’s take an example of similar SKU’S synced from the same store. Orderhive will notify you whenever there are duplicates from the integrated active stores.

  • Go to the Products tab
  • On the top, you will see a Resolve 1 Error button, if there are any duplicate SKUs present in your account.
  • On clicking the button, the list of SKU’s that have been duplicated will be shown as below.
  • Either of the SKUs can be updated to resolve the SKU Duplication.

Let’s say there are two products “Men’s Casual Shirt” and “Men’s Tshirt” from Urban Editors store which have been assigned the same SKU - TS. This will create duplicates in Orderhive as both the products are having the same SKU.

  • Either of the two SKU’s can be modified so that there will not be a duplicate SKU in Orderhive as well as on the channel.
  • Here, we can change the SKU of the product “Men’s Tshirt” with SKU - TS. It has been modified to TS-M as shown in the below screenshot.
  • After modifying the SKU, click on the blue tick mark.
  • The update in this SKU will be also pushed to the channel.
  • In case the channel doesnt accept any SKU updates, an error will be displayed stating - SKU update not allowed for the respective channel.

Now let's take another example where there are 3 products having the same SKU - TS across the same store Benetton.

  • There are three products which have the SKU - TS  from Benetton store, any of three products’ SKU can be modified.
  • Let’s say the product Highlander Casual Shirt is changed to SKU - TS-H and Short Sleeve Tshirt is changed to SKU - TS-S.
  • Click on the blue tick mark to update the SKUs.
  • The updated SKU’s will be reflected in the respective stores.
  • The product Men’s Casual Shirt from UrbanEditors store and Men’s Tshirt from Benetton store, which now has the same SKU - TS which will now auto-merge automatically.
  • As it can be seen in the screenshot, the product with SKU - TS from Benetton and Urban Editors store have auto-mapped.


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