Roles & Users Settings

Cin7 Orderhive allows organizations to give access to the system to their various team members on the basis of different modules.

Adding users:

  • Go to Settings > Organization
  • Inviting users can be done by clicking on the + on the right, which will send an email to the user to create an account with Cin7 Orderhive. 

  • Enter the name, email id and department and click on Save. After this, an email will be sent to the user who can then create a sub-user account with the email ID being the login ID and a password. 
  • Select all the Modules you want this User to access.
  • Once you select the Modules for you wish to give access to the user, they will not see any other modules data in their respective account.

  • In case the user does not receive the email or deletes it by mistake, you can resend the invitation to the user to create an account by clicking on Resend Invite.

Giving Admin access:
You can give an user unrestricted access to orderhive dashboard by making the user an admin and this would allow them to access all the modules and settings of the account without any hindrance. All you would need to do is just toggle on the admin button on top right of the users dashboard.

Warehouse Access Permission:

You can also provide access to your users based on the warehouses. The toggles that you select, the users will only be able to see that particular warehouse data.

Deactivating users:

  • If a user is active and you want to deactivate it, you will need to click on the toggle button of the active user to deactivate it.

Deleting users: 

  • An inactive user can be deleted by clicking on that user which will open the following window and then click on Delete.


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