Ship Orders & Process Returns with Location, Batch and Cost

Orderhive allows shipping the Orders with the help of Location, Batch and Cost of the products.

  • Go to Orders
  • Click on New Order
  • Fill the details of the Order with the quantities of the Product
  • Confirm the Order

Once you have confirmed you’ll need to ship the Order

  • Click on Ship
  • Select the combination of Location, Batch and Cost in the Order.
  • You can select the warehouse from where you wish to ship the order. 
  • Based on the warehouse you select, different combinations of location, batch and costs will be displayed.
  • Click on Next
  • Once you have selected the combination of the Location, Batch and Cost, click on Next to ship the Order with the available three options.
  • Click on Done to complete the shipping process.

How to Receive Returns with Location, Batch and Cost:

Orderhive also provides the facility to create and manage returns for orders in Orderhive itself. A return shipping label can be also generated from Orderhive to send out to customers.

To create returns in Orderhive, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Returns tab
  • Click on New Return
  • Search the Order for which you want to create a return. You can use the order id or the customer name to search for the order. Select the order to proceed further.
  • Returns can be created only for Shipped and Completed orders.
  • As you click on the order, the order detail page will open and you would be able to change Ship To warehouse, quantities to be returned, automatically refund and send replacement option. 
  • For the detailed explanation of these fields, please refer to the article Adding a New Return

Processing the Return:

  • Go to Returns
  • Click on any return in the To Confirm stage.
  • Make the necessary selections for processing the refund and sending replacements.
  • Once you make the necessary selections, click on Next. 
  • Confirm the Return that you want to process.
  • Process the Confirmed Return
  • Select the Location, Batch & the Cost of the products that are being returned to the Warehouse.
  • Once you have selected all the required fields from the drop-down menu, click on Done.
  • Your Return will be processed to the location & the batch of the warehouse that you have selected with the specified cost.

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