Shipping Presets

Presets are a group of pre-defined parameters used while generating shipping labels, so that you don't have to enter the details everytime you ship the orders.

Adding Presets:

Follow the below steps to add Presets:

  • Go to Shipments
  • Click on Presets

  • Click on Add Preset

  • Add the necessary details on the Preset form such as Preset Name, Carrier, Weight, Service, Packaging etc.
  • Once selected, click on Done.

  • These details will always remain the same whenever you select this preset. Likewise you can create multiple presets with different combinations of the given parameters.
  • To edit any Preset you can click on that Preset.

  • You can also delete a Preset, if required.

Using Presets in an Order:

  • Go to Orders
  • Open Order details page of any of the orders from the To Ship section.
  • Click on Ship and then Next option and proceed to the next page.
  • You’ll see the Preset option on the next page.
  • Click on Presets and select the appropriate option.

  • Once you select the Presets option, it will automatically apply the information associated with that Preset to this particular order.

  • This way you will not have to manually select the same type of shipping combinations for every order individually.


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