Shipping Rate Calculator

Shipping rate calculator is a useful tool to estimate shipping rates and helps you choose the most reasonable carrier to send your customers' orders. It also enables you to know in advance the estimated delivery date (if supported by the carrier) along with rate quotes and service types.
Before using the calculator, we recommend you to add all the shipping carriers (supported by Cin7 Orderhive) that you use for your business. 

  • Go to the top menu and click on the Shipping rate calculator.

  • Click on the Calculator icon and a pop up will be displayed with the Shipping Rate Calculator. You need to fill out the information like Package details, Ship from address and Ship to address. 

  • Once all the necessary information is filled in, click on Get Rates. You will see the list of carriers along with the services and their rates.

  • After checking the rates, you can click on Close to exit the shipping calculator.
  • You can also check rates while creating shipments after entering all the relevant details clicking on the Orders screen.

Note: While creating the shipment for an order, details like carrier, package, weight, etc. will automatically get populated. If you haven't entered the data, then it’ll be required in order to calculate the rates which you can see under services. 

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