Shipping Settings

Reaching Shipping Settings:

Follow below  steps to reach shipping settings :

  1. Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of your screen 
  2. Go to Settings →  Shipping to open the settings.

To start shipping using Orderhive, it’s recommended to configure shipping settings before starting to create shipments & shipping labels. Using some of these settings can help save time in your busy days.

Let's take a look at each of the Shipping settings :

Carrier Integration:

All the carrier integrations which are used for fulfillment of sales orders can be added from here. 

USPS will be available as a default integration for all users having a warehouse in the United States. 

Note: Using USPS through Orderhive would provide commercial plus pricing with 50-60% discounted rates compared to actual rates.

Adding a carrier integration will enable you to create labels for any sales order using that particular shipping carrier.

By clicking on “Add Carrier” or “+”, a list of all available shipping carriers is shown from where the required carrier can be integrated.

In case the required carrier is not on the list, you can create a “Custom Shipping Method” by clicking on “Custom” option and save it for further use.

Package Types:

These settings will allow defining the required package sizes which can be further used while processing the orders. 

The default package type is “Predefined”. There are 4 packages which are already created in the account along-with their respective dimensions (length, width and height). 

In case it’s required, the packages and their dimensions can be edited/deleted as well as any new package can also be defined by clicking on the “+”  or “Add new package type”.

If there’s a need for using custom dimensions for packages, then “Custom” option for packages can be selected.

Once “Custom” option is selected, then you’ll be able to provide dimensions for the packages while processing the orders itself.

Shipping label Size & Format:

This setting will allow choosing the label size i.e. 4” x 6”, 8.5” x 11” and format i.e. PDF, PNG, etc. 

The default selection is 4” x 6” PDF label. 

The other options are :

  1. 8.5” x 11” PDF - It is letter size ( A4 ). To download it will be in PDF format.
  2. Original size in PNG - It is large size image of the label provided by a carrier. It can be resized to any page size by printer settings.
  3. ZPL ( Zebra Print ) - It is format specifically for Zebra Printers.
  4. EPL2 ( Zebra Print ) - It is another format adopted by Zebra Printers.

Shipping Label Text -

Label text gets embedded on label generated from a carrier. You can add the maximum of 3 custom text on a label. It will be printed anywhere on the label based on carrier specifications.

You can have different order value to be selected in the label text along with an option of custom text.

P. S:- The label texts will only be populated on the label if the selected shipping carrier supports them.

Standard Shipping Templates:

Any particular template among those available for the shipment labels can be selected from this setting. 

A particular template can be marked as default by clicking on the star.

Alternatively, there’s a setting as well if you need a prompt each time before printing or downloading the template.

Custom Preferences:

All the necessary settings supposed to be done for International Shipping can be done from the Custom Preferences settings.

For further information on “International Shipping” kindly refer to International Shipping article.

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