Split Orders

Splitting Orders can be useful in a lot of scenarios while performing order fulfillment for your customers. For example, a customer places an order with multiple items but only a few can be delivered now and the rest can be delivered as and when you receive them back in stock. At such times splitting orders is the best option so that you can process half of the order and let the other half get processed later.

The split order will be a new order with the same properties and the remaining quantities. This may be useful if an order has been partially cancelled or needs to be partially shipped. To split this order, divide each item between the existing order and new order then click on Done.

  • Go to Orders
  • Select the order which you need to Split

  • You can either directly click on the Split Order Option which is available on the Orders screen or you can Split the order by viewing the detail page of the Order from More options.

  • Click on Split Order
  • Select the quantities and products which you need to split and form a New Order.
  • You will be able to split orders on the basis of items,SKU, category, supplier and brand.
  • The option will be available in the drop down menu on the split order screen.
  • The order details will be updated according to the option you select from the drop down.


  • Make the changes as per the requirements in the new order column and it’ll be updated accordingly.

  • You will be able to see the split order in the Orders section in Cin7 Orderhive.
  • The new split order will be denoted by a combination of the existing order number and the number of orders you have split the main order into.
  • You can also assign your own order number.



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