Stock Count

The stock count functionality helps to do physical verification of the quantities and conditions of items held in a warehouse. It can then be compared with the stocks present in Orderhive and help update the stocks if required.

Reaching Stock Count:

  • Go to the Products Module.
  • Click on the Stock Count option.

  • It will be required to select a warehouse for which you want to do stock count. 
  • Stock count form can be exported either in pdf or excel sheet format. Please select the file format in which you wish to export the stock count form. 
  • After selecting the necessary option, click on Export. The file will be downloaded automatically in the selected format.

  • You can print the exported pdf/excel sheet and provide it to your warehouse worker to perform a stock count. 
  • The sheet will be pre-filled with the current quantities present in Orderhive. The warehouse worker can then count the quantities available in the warehouse and record them in the “Counted” field and can also put a remark or a reason if required.

  • Once the fields in the sheet are updated, you can make the same updates in Orderhive as well which will also be pushed to the integrated channels.


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