Stock Transfer - Overview and Steps

With Cin7 Orderhive, you can transfer the stock of products from one warehouse to another warehouse. With this feature, you can make sure your warehouse never runs out of products that are in high demand and need quick replenishment.

Cin7 Orderhive maintains 4 statuses of Stock transfer order - To Ship, Awaiting Receipt, Partially Received, Received,Completed and Cancelled.

To transfer stock, please follow the below steps: 

  • Go to Transfers
  • Click on +New Transfer to create a new stock transfer.

  • This will open a window as shown in the below screenshot. Select the TRANSFER FROM warehouse and the DESTINATION warehouse from the drop-down. 
  • Add items by searching through SKU or name or through scanning the barcode of the product. 
  • Enter the quantity that is to be transferred. You can also add a NOTE for reference purposes. 
  • Click on SAVE to add the transfer into the system.

Break Bundle Into Components : this option will break the bundle products into components while transferring.

  • Once the transfer is saved, it will show up in the TO SHIP column. At this stage, a transfer can be edited by double-clicking on the transfer and then clicking on EDIT. After this stage, once the transfer is marked as shipped, the stock transfer cannot be edited.
  • The stock transfer can also be Deleted, Cancelled or Printed.

  • Click on Ship to further process the stock transfer. This will move the stock transfer to the AWAITING RECEIPT stage.

  • Once the transfer is in AWAITING RECEIPT stage, it can be received completely by opening the transfer and then clicking on RECEIVE. This will move the transfer to the RECEIVED stage. 
  • You can also receive the transfer by choosing the receive by scanning method.

  • The transfer can also be cancelled once it is moved to the awaiting receipt stage

  • Once the Stock Transfer has been received, click on Complete. It signifies that the transfer has been processed completely.

  • It will then prompt for confirmation to move the Stock transfer into the Completed stage.

  • Once you select Yes, Complete it will display a notification signifying the completion of the stock transfer.
  • A transfer can also be printed or deleted by selecting the transfer and then clicking on DELETE/PRINT. Multiple transfers can also be selected and deleted/printed. 

  • You can also clone a transfer if you want to create a transfer similar to the older ones

  • From the stock transfers you can also generate barcode labels of your products and print as many copies as needed.



Note: Once the Product Label/s are generated. The Link to download will expire after 24hrs. 


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