Stripe Integration - Overview

Stripe is a leading online payment processor that is used by individuals and businesses across the globe. Our integration with Stripe allows you to accept payments within Cin7 Orderhive's interface.

Currently, the integration between Stripe and Cin7 Orderhive is only one-way.


To add your Stripe account, go to the Integrations page, under Payments category click on Stripe.

  • Please follow the listed instructions. 
  • Write the Store name you wish to have for your Stripe account and check the email address which is there under Integration Error Email Notification and click on Done

When you click Done, you will be redirected to your Stripe account. Once you've connected your Stripe account with Cin7 Orderhive, you'll be able to charge customers against the invoices created in Cin7 Orderhive.

Processing Payments

There are two ways you can accept a payment from a customer within Cin7 Orderhive. 

  1. Charging customers directly (if you have access to customer's CC details)
  2. Email payment link

1. Charging customers directly

  • Go to the Transactions tab on the sales order detail page.
  • Click on Charge Card

  • When you click on the Charge card, a new popup window will appear wherein you will already have details of your customer. You just need to enter the amount and click on Charge. This action will trigger Cin7 Orderhive to automatically charge your customer and payment will get created in Cin7 Orderhive and Stripe. Also, the order status will get marked as Paid.

2. Email payment link

  • In case you want to send the payment URL to your customers, use the Send Payment link option from dropdown.

  • When you click Send Payment Link, a new popup window will open prompting you to confirm the details and add any extra message/comment that needs to be sent to your customer. Upon clicking Generate Link, your customer will receive the invoice and the payment link which will contain the option to pay via Credit Card.

  • Once the customer has made the payment, the order will get marked as Paid and a new payment will be created in Cin7 Orderhive and Stripe. 

Note: The integration allows you to manage full and partial payments, both. 


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