Supplier Settings

Reaching Supplier Settings:

Follow the below steps to reach supplier settings:

  1. Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of the screen 
  2. Go to Settings →  Supplier to open the settings.

This page helps to search, add, edit, delete or export all the details related to the Suppliers. 

Search Supplier:

This will help to search a supplier from the available list of suppliers. Type the name of the supplier in the search bar and it will display the matching suppliers.

Add Supplier:

This will allow adding a new Supplier by clicking on the “+“ icon from the Supplier setting tab.

Please enter the required details of the supplier like Name, Company Name, Email Address, Store address and Phone no. and click on the Save button.

Edit Supplier:

This will allow to edit an existing supplier. Once the details are edited click on the Save button.

A supplier can be deleted at any point of time, if required.
Click on the Supplier which needs to be deleted and then click on the Delete button.

This will prompt for a confirmation before the deletion of a supplier.

Export Suppliers:

This will allow to export list of suppliers present in your Orderhive account.

Once the suppliers list is ready, you will receive a notification to download the list in an excel format. The same list will also be emailed on the registered email address. 

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