Transfers Settings

Stock transfers of products from a warehouse to another can be managed using Transfers module of Orderhive. You can select a template for the transfer summary from settings or even create a custom template.

Reaching Transfers Settings

You can follow below steps to reach order settings :

  • Go to Settings →  Transfers to open the settings
  • Transfers prints are formatted template for printing or downloading transfer summary in PDF from Orderhive. 
  • Orderhive by default provides 4 different templates. 
  • In case you want to select a particular template as default for all print/download actions you can select the star besides that template, or can select the toggle button for asking every-time for the template.
  • In case you want to customize the template as per your wishes, you can click on Create Custom Template or copy any existing template and save it after editing required details.
  • You can also reach the support in case you need any technical assistance within custom templates.

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